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Avocado Salad

The Infatuation: Vinaigrette Actually Makes You Feel excited About Eating a Salad.

The Infatuation / Katherine Lewin / Vinaigrette actually makes you feel excited about eating a salad.

Sustainability and Salads

SF Reporter: Stepping up to the Plate’Taking Sustainability Beyond Farm to Table at Vinaigrette

As a farmer and owner of five bustling restaurants/wine bars/curated goods shops, Erin Wade doesn’t have a lot of spare time on her hands.

Erin with Grandmother

Local Flavor: My Grandma and Her Impeccable Palate

Local Flavor / Erin Wade / April 29, 2019 / Erin Wade discusses learning how to cook with her grandma

Erin in the New Mexican

Santa Fe New Mexican: How We Eat Informs Who We Are Becoming

Tell me how you eat and how you order, and I will tell you who you are becoming.

Vinaigrette on CBS

CBS News: Around the World in 40 Soups with Vinaigrette!

Sam Barnhart with Vinaigrette, joins Trevor & Taylor in the kitchen to tell us about their around the world in 40 soups program

Erin in the Alibi

Alibi: Erin Wade’s Wellness Philosophy

If you’ve visited Vinaigrette, the salad-centric restaurant on Central, then you’ve eaten the greens that Erin Wade grows at Los Portales

Friendly, healthy salads in Austin

Eater: 18 Resolution-Friendly Healthy Salads in Austin

…it is time to set aside the brisket for a few minutes and eat some leafy salads in its place