All soups tell a story
All soups tell a story — about passage, migration, melding, geography, climate, trade, loss, love. And, the larger narrative of soups tells the story of cooking—how we came to gather around a vessel, suspended over fire, transforming the raw into the cooked. Some anthropologists consider it both the beginning of culture and a perfect symbol for it. Read this week’s soup story

In honor of Matt Kubarski, (1927-2021)
We knew Matt as a gracious, kind, always smiling guest who was an incredible appreciator of soups—he was @Soupman1927 on Instagram and won our AW40S competition every year. Meaning, he tasted EVERY SINGLE WORLD SOUP. Even when one of our soups didn’t suit his fancy (like the tripe-laden Philadelphia Pepper Pot, for instance, not a big crowd pleaser), he was gracious and polite, saying “Well, I’m not sure I’ll try that one again.” Once, he brought in a quart of his own Polish Cabbage Soup for our manager Avery to try (so we’ve put it on the calendar for November 22!). His daughter told me that “soups were part of his identity” and a “really big deal in our family.”  Soups were Matt’s passion, and he seemed to understand that they weren’t just about eating, but about tradition, story, family, change, love.

You can read Matt’s full obituary here, He had an incredible life that began in Bachowice, Poland, in 1927 and ended in Santa Fe in 2021.  He spent his later years in Steamboat Springs and Santa Fe, to be closer to his three children, which is how we came to meet him.

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soups with stories

Soup Schedule

February 3 Javi’s Menudo

February 7 Senegalese Mafe 

February 10 Wonton Soup

February 14 Tacaca (Brazil)

February 17 Yayla Corbasi (Turkey)

February 21 The Picky Bitches Egg Lemon Soup

February 24 New England Clam Chowder

February 28 Harira

March 3 Ramen

March 7 Tinola (phillipines)

March 10 TBD

March 14 Philadelphia Pepper Pot Version 2

March 17 Chupe de Marisco (Peru)

March 21 TBD

March 24 TBD

March 28 Gazpacho (Spain)

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soup with stories
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