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Friendly, healthy salads in Austin

Eater: 18 Resolution-Friendly Healthy Salads in Austin

It is New Year’s resolution season right now, which means it is time to set aside the brisket for a few minutes and eat some leafy salads in its place. These are no sad salad bar concoctions with mealy tomatoes and gloppy ranch dressing, though. These are complete meals bursting with lean protein, seasonal produce, and just the right amount of decadence to keep you from feeling deprived.

Find great and filling salad concoctions from Kerbey Lane Cafe, Nicoise salad at Hopfields, beloved drive-thru salad spot Baby Greens, New Mexico import Vinaigrette, kale wonders at Cafe No Se, and others. This update includes La Matta, Carpenters Hall, and Better Half.

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