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Erin featured in Local Flavor

Eat Your Peas

Maybe it was the bright, vivid d├ęco that made me want to eat those green peas: the lime green banquette stretching across the center of the large white room with signature Vinaigrette green bar tile and red chairs. Could it have been the potted plants on every table, grasses and colorful flowers and miniature cacti? Or maybe it was the glass of crisp citrus-floral Macedonian wine. But I laid my childhood fears to rest and ordered the salad. What a fantastic reintroduction to a delightful little vegetable. The creamy peas and savory mushrooms were perfect with the crispy crunchy lettuces and the tart bite of vinaigrette. With each mouthful I understood more and more why Erin’s salad fever has caught on, first in Santa Fe, and now in Albuquerque and what makes her concept so successful. read more…