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Healthy salad, soup, & dessert options

Santa Fe Reporter: Restaurant Guide: 10 Best

Vinaigrette owner Erin Wade once told SFR that positive change must “come from a place of being appealing and fun and joyful.” Fittingly, her restaurant is all of these things. Wade herself harvests many of the ingredients that make up Vinaigrette’s trademark salads. (There are sandwiches, soups and sides as well, but salads are Vinaigrette’s chief focus.) But Vinaigrette also redefines “salad” in a way that’s both appealing and fun—a seasonal “Appeasemint” (say it aloud) pairs snow peas, cabbage and peanuts with a mint (get it?) vinaigrette; the classic “Eat Your Peas,” with peas, bacon and Asiago cheese, is so hearty and delicious that you’ll feel like you couldn’t eat another bite. (But it pairs so well with the diver scallops, and it’s only a salad, so why not add some protein?) Vinaigrette’s atmosphere is casual and welcoming, with charmingly rustic décor. Eating healthy, locally grown food in a cheerful setting, surrounded by lovely people—sounds like positive change, right there.