There is a kind of wellness

—call it deep wellness—that pushes beyond the balance of protein and carbohydrates and calories we ingest and wraps its arms around our feelings about eating and the ripple of consequences it leaves behind. Wendell Berry considered true pleasure, in eating, to come from the “accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which food comes.”

As we move into a new age of world-environmental awareness, we want our guests to feel well from this broader consciousness by providing services and experiences that honor the earth and its water and lands, which as Joanna Macy says, are “part of our larger body.”

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Get discounts by choosing our reusable stainless steel and glass containers for your to-go orders and give back to sustainable farmers in New Mexico and Texas!

Many of us are eating and living in a cloud of ambivalence about our choices and their consequences. This takes a toll on our bodies and spirits, our ability to be, truly, well. Which is why Vinaigrette is dedicated to a higher level of awareness and sustainability, forms of convenience that don’t come at a painful hidden cost to nature,  carbon-breathing and air-filtering trees and gardens in all of our spaces, innovated waste and production models for the food business, and a new Farm Fund that reallocates dollars to soil health and sustainable agriculture. 

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Get your card stamped every time you bring in one of our compostable salad bowls and let us compost it for you. After 20, receive a free salad. Come in to hear more details!

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Our programs give customers the option to donate dollars saved via our better forms of convenience (such as The Reusables or Better Delivery) to our sustainable farm fund. Vinaigrette will match all contributions, putting dollars back in the soil where it belongs.