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Anthony Bourdain’s Malaysian Kunching-style Laksa.
Spicy, withhomemade laksa paste, shrimp, chicken, homemade broth, coconut milk, galangal

Clam chowder

Clams, Damn Clams

Come have clam chowder at Vinaigrette this week. I’ve been babying these damn clams since they arrived, all fresh and clammy and cute

The gastronomical us

The Gastronomical Us

As flavor makers, we hope we can also be moment makers, memory makers, and tradition makers, and that we put love into our food every day.

around the world in 40 soups - India

The Mulligatawny Mood

This week’s World Soup (until Monday, when we switch to Thai Pumpkin Laksa) is Mulligatawny, a super flavorful pureed lentil soup